Micropropagation is only possible due to the totipotent cell properties common to plants. This means that each cell has the ability to grow into a complete plant. Thus several hundred copies of the mother plant can be created in vitro from just one single cell. Since the plants from which the cells are taken are 'model pupils' of their variety, the clones are also particularly robust and fertile.



Cell division


Shoot formation






Modern micropropagation is an innovative production technology which ensures that first-class semi-finished and finished goods can be cultivated.

At PICCOPLANT, offshoots are taken from the most elite plants, placed into sterile glass (in vitro) in the very best growing conditions, and then given a special nutrient solution to form more offshoots. The result is completely healthy, virus- and bacteria-free plants - classic biotechnology combined with modern horticulture.

Advantages of micropropagation:

  • Carefully chosen stock plants
  • Healthy liners
  • Strong vigour and good branching
  • Flexible reaction to market trends

As a result of its many years of experience in biotechnology and state-of-the-art methods (somatic embryo genesis is just one example) as a reliable service provider, PICCOPLANT offers customised project solutions. A few examples are:

- creation of genomic libraries 
- virus extraction in potatoes 
- propagation of high-performance plant varieties
- exclusive propagation for growers

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