Environment and Ecology

At PICCOPLANT, we use environmentally beneficial practices every day.

For example, our entire facility was designed and built as a closed water system with natural water purification. The water flows through several ponds and small artificial streams to absorb oxygen, and floating iris plants constantly clean the water with their roots. The ponds are home to numerous fish, frogs, ducks, geese, and other species.

The North German countryside is known for the hedgerows that grow along property lines, and the PICCOPLANT grounds are surrounded by them. The hedgerows are built up over decades or centuries from artificial mounds of earth and compost planted with local trees and shrubs, often including fruit- or nut-producing species. These hedgerows not only provide protection from the wind and enclose the grounds, but also provide habitat for numerous animals, plants, and fungi. The PICCOPLANT hedgerows support a rich variety of bird species, and numerous birds breed on the grounds every spring.


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