Semi-Finished Plants

PICCOPLANT offers live plants in a range of sizes to meet the needs of our customers.  In addition to robust adult plants in 7.5-, 15-, or 60-litre containers, PICCOPLANT also offers young "semi-finished" plants that can be raised to adulthood by dedicated gardeners or professional growers.  Semi-finished plants provide excellent value because they carry all of the benefits of PICCOPLANT's micropropagation approach (genetically pure seedlings from elite mother plants, vigorous and disease-free), while also being both inexpensive and easy to ship in large numbers. 

Our smallest size of hardened plant is known as  Qp30 - 2-year-old seedlings in multi-trays with 3cm cells (144 plants per multi-tray).

The next larger size is  Tb9 - 3-year-old seedlings in multi-trays with 9cm cells (24 plants per multi-tray).  These plants can also be delivered in individual 9cm square pots.  

Depending on the species, the next larger size is a 2-litre or 3.5-litre individual flower pot (known as  C2 or C3.5).  Plants at this size are generally 4+ years of age and old enough to produce flowers, although they are not yet full-grown, thus we sometimes refer to them as "teenage" plants.

Again, PICCOPLANT stands ready to provide plants at any size desired by our customers, and we can even provide young in vitro seedlings by special order.

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